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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Thursday Midday Dairy Market Summary - Butter Regains Lost Ground

Cheese prices moved up on bids and no sales taking place. Blocks increased 0.75 cent, closing at $1.8075 and barrels increased 0.50 cent, closing at $1.5850. There were bids and offers placed during spot trading, but the offers were about 10 cents higher. Buyers were not interested in bidding any higher. Butter increased 3 cents, closing at $1.8450 with eight loads traded. Price did move to $1.8475 but slipped back into the close of spot trading. Grade A nonfat dry milk price gained 1.25 cents, closing at $1.2050 with three loads traded. Like butter, price initially moved to $1.2075 before slipping back. Dry whey price declined 2 cents, closing at 64 cents. This is the first price decline since March 10. Class III futures are 2 to 34 cents higher with June showing the greatest gain. Class IV futures are 10 to 21 cents higher. Butter futures are 0.60 cent lower to 1.00 cent higher. Dry whey futures are 1.00 to 2.75 cents lower.

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